Adventure awaits- In the pages of “A Beautiful Prison”

Travel the world in 1923 and meet people whose passion influenced the world. Open the pages of my book “A Beautiful Prison”
From the book:
“Now join me in welcoming Najib Hankash!” the man said, clapping his hands and making his way off the platform.
A young man walked up, set a stool down, then another man handed him a guitar and a flute-like instrument.
He gently laid the flute down, sat on the stool with the guitar, and then sheepishly looked out toward the audience. “I would like to apologize to you good people for the misfortune of being invited to this event. Most of you had no idea that you would have to endure my singing and playing. For your sake I should have declined the engagement, but for my sake I accepted, because they are paying me.”

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Here’s How to Write a Book?  (coming soon)

Here’s How to Write a Book? (coming soon)

I have been blessed to have written a number of successful novels. It was not without struggle as most things I had to learn the hard way. I believe that we are all put on this earth to share and guide each other. So I am excited to reveal that I am writing a book entitled: “Here’s How to Write a Book”
Maybe you have always wanted to write your own book. Whether it is a cook book, children or fiction novel, or even your own life story—my new book can make your dream come true. The book will walk you step-by-step no matter what your budget or skill level may be. It will include writing techniques, publishing and marketing tips. I hope to have it available this summer. I will keep you posted. Please wish me luck. Thank you.

At TALL Civil War Story

At TALL Civil War Story

Anna Haining Swan stood 7 feet 11.5 inches and weighted 371 pounds when she married Civil War Captain Martin Van Buren Bates who stood 7 feet 11 inches and weighted 471 pounds. It took a 100 yards of satin to make her wedding dress, the material was a gift from the queen of England. They spent their honeymoon at the hotel “Star and Garter” I do hope they were on the bottom floor!

Love needs no permission

Love needs no permission

“The good thing about love is that you don’t have to anyone’s permission to love whomever you please. Even if your friends and family stop loving you. You don’t have to stop loving them. You can still go on loving them just as long as you like. So if you are mad at me, disenchanted, or just plain don’t like me—it is my choice if I want to love you—even in spite of yourself.”~NancyBBrewer/author

From the “Song of Solomon” an audio performance by Nancy B. Brewer

From the “Song of Solomon” an audio performance by Nancy B. Brewer

As a writer and poet I strive to paint with words the passion and the emotions of life.  No human emotion is more powerful than love, which is so beautifully written in the “Song of Solomon”  from the Bible.

This audio is my gift to my dear husband this Valentine’s Day.   Please feel free to share with the one you love.    click on arrow to listen to the audio.

A poem about true love~ Nancy B. Brewer

A poem about true love~ Nancy B. Brewer

Love Me, Love Me Not

What a joy it is to be with you my dear friend.

You are my champion and with you, I never fear.

You above all, are brave, humble and true.

How could anyone shun a gentle soul such as you?

I say nay to them, it is a crime all the world should see.

Now to you, lovers, husbands and friends,

Do not ask me to choose for you will surely lose.

I say only to you- take my dog or take me not!

A little love story about little people

A little love story about little people


John Mertz stood only 46 inches tall and he came to America from Austria-Hungary and went to work for Barnum Circus.  It is there he first met a tiny Southern bell from Mocksville, North Carolina— Miss Mariah Elizabeth Nail, who stood 36 inches.

On August 16th,1883 as they stood before the preacher to be married, he inquired if they were old enough to wed—because they were so small.

Mariah’s wedding gown is on display at the Salisbury Museum.

Around 1911 the couple retired from Circus life and settled in Salisbury, North Carolina.  John was well respected in the community and worked as a clerk for T.F. Kluttz.

Mariah died of Influenza on March 7, 1922 at age 69.  John died at age 85 on February the 4th, 1938.

They are both buried in Chestnut Hill Cemetery in Salisbury, NC 86672079_133159124050

The Seagull Fairy-Poem written and illustrated by Nancy B. Brewer

The Seagull Fairy-Poem written and illustrated by Nancy B. Brewer


The Seagull Fairy –  by Nancy B. Brewer 

On a special morning bight and airy,

Just after dawn if you do not tarry,

You might catch a glimpse of the Seagull Fairy.

Down by the seaside—Down by the seaside



She is the keeper of all the white ocean flock,

She calls and commands them to land upon her rock.

With small talk she speaks, but comprehend you will not.

Down by the seaside—Down by the seaside


To her the birds do not look one and the same,

And to each feathered friend she  gives a special name,

There is snowy, sparkle and even candle- flame.

Down by the seaside—Down by the seaside

None shy her and all are gentle and tame,

If a feather be broken or a foot be maimed,

Caring for her flock is the Seagull Fairy’s only aim.

Down by the Seaside—Down by the Seaside

With her they share fresh fish and seaweed she dines,

They keep her warn and groom her hair until it shines,

Then on their backs she soars the crystal coastlines.

Down by the Seaside—Down by the Seaside

Her shimmering wings are blue as the sea,

While her sweet face just like a child it be,

But she is much older than you and me.

Down by the Seaside—Down by the Seaside

A marvel to see in a feather dress of sea pink,

But take care not to shout, blink or catch a wink,

For she is sure to take flight with just a twitch.

Down by the Seaside—Down by the Seaside

The Seagull Fairy you may never expect to see,

But if magical and wondrous things you believe,

One day you might be just as lucky as me.

Down by the Seaside—Down by the Seaside

One-of-Kind “Seagull Fairy” created by Nancy B. Brewer.  Hand clay  and painted creation on rock.  

$35.  Grab “The Seagull Fairy” click HERE to order and more photos. 


A Free Christmas Story by author “Born on Christmas Sunday”

A Free Christmas Story by author “Born on Christmas Sunday”

Pastor Mark was born on Christmas Sunday, 1955. His mother believed that any year Christmas fell on Sunday was an extra special year.
On those Christmas Sundays, his family would write down their most important memories of that year. They were recorded in one of those old composition notebooks with the black and white cover.
This year once again, Christmas fell on Sunday. Pastor Mark looked at the clock. It was only 5:00 a.m., but he was wide-awake. He quietly slipped out of bed, and did not wake his wife, Cindy, who was sleeping peacefully.
His family had all been up late last night. There was the Christmas Eve’s service, which Cindy said was Mark’s finest. Then they entertained family and friends at their home—which now included their daughter’s boyfriend—Jason—with an earring. Perhaps it was the talk of his daughter graduating from high school and going off to college, or maybe it was just that boy named Jason, but Pastor Mark had not slept well.
He slipped on his robe, went into the kitchen, and put on a pot of coffee. He then went into his office and retrieved the black and white composition book of Christmas Sundays.
When he filled his coffee cup, he sat down at the table and prayed over the words he would write for this year. The first event that entered his head was the death of Bin Laden. His heart was heavy as he reflected over the past year of terrorist attacks and the world’s political affairs. “Is there nothing good to report?” he whispered to himself.
Picking up his pencil he thumbed through the book until he found the first blank page. He entered: Christmas Sunday, 2011. For some time he looked at the yellowing page with the thin blue lines, before he began to turn back the pages.
Most of the early pages were in his mother’s handwriting. She had written flowery notes and short stories, which all reflected her gentle and loving heart. There were a few brief entries from his father, and later came the childish handwriting of he and his sister.
Recorded in the book were his birth in 1955 and his sister Emma’s in 1966. 1977 represented the year he graduated from college, and 1983 noted his graduation from seminary.
The event for 1988 was his marriage to Cindy and 1994 was the year their daughter Jennifer was born.
The year 2000 was a tear stained page in his mother’s handwriting. Below she had carefully pasted his father’s obituary.
The last entry was in 2005 and he recognized his own handwriting. Below he had carefully pasted his mother’s obituary.
His eyes began to water. This was not just a book of random years, or a collection of Christmas Sundays. They had all been years worthy of remembrance.
He returned to the blank page and entitled it: “The death of Bin Laden.”
He stared at the words he had written. Unlike his mother’s gentle words, the words seemed harsh and unkind. In 2000 when his mother made her entry, did she know it would be her last? What if 2011 would be his last? Would this be the story he wanted his daughter to read, or perhaps his grandchildren. He thought once more of that awkward young man who had sat next to his daughter last night. He chuckled, “I’ll put this away and think on it later,” he said aloud.
He dressed for church, and left a short note for his wife. “Gone to church early. Much to do before the service. I will meet you at church. Merry Christmas, Mark.”
Shortly, Cindy awoke and found the note. She had been married to Mark long enough to know that if he had something on his mind, even Christmas morning would not detain him. “We will just open gifts after lunch this year,” she thought smiling.
When Pastor Mark entered his church office he saw a small box with a card attached sitting on his desk. He glanced at the card, thinking it must be a little gift from a church member. He would open it once he turned on the Christmas lights.
He walked out into the dimly lit hall, but something about the handwriting seemed familiar. He walked back to his office and opened the card to read these words.
Christmas Eve, 2011
Dear Pastor Mark,
     At age 10 years, I was among the children that came to decorate the church for Christmas. Some of the children decorated the tree, others wrapped the garland, but I was assigned to set up the nativity scene.
I carefully unwrapped the ceramic figurines and placed them around the small wooden stable. The last of which was the Baby Jesus. He was so smooth and sweet and I wanted him for myself.
When the decorating was completed, all the mothers and children stood back to admire. Then at once I heard them gasp, “Where is the Baby Jesus?” As they looked through the piles of boxes, I knew they would not find him, because he was safely hidden in my pocket.
I never thought that little figurine would even be missed, but my own mother was nearly in tears. I recall her fashioning a new Baby Jesus out of clay. The new Baby Jesus did not even have a nose, he was too large, and was clearly a misfit. However, every year since, he has shown up in that manger as a reminder of my secret crime. Last night I showed the Baby Jesus to my boyfriend, and asked him what I should do. This was his answer: The Christ Child belongs to everyone, not just to you. If you keep him hidden in a box or locked up in your heart then others may not have the opportunity to know him.” So Daddy, I think it is time I return the Baby Jesus to his rightful place…
Pastor Mark’s eyes were so filled with tears that he could barely see his daughter’s signature on the card. Gingerly he removed the tiny figurine, went straight to the sanctuary, and placed it in the manger. He then knelt down at the altar and prayed, “Dear God forgive me for misjudging a young man named—Jason.”
He arose with a new joy in his heart. He now knew the story he would record in that little composition book with the black and white cover.

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Painting Rocks- for Christ!

Painting Rocks- for Christ!

Today I taught a rock painting class for the ladies of  “Chapel by the Sea” in North Myrtle Beach, SC.  The ladies are going to paint the rocks, hide them with a message for the finder to visit their church.  It was a blessed day.