Where did the Easter Bunny Come from?

Where did the Easter Bunny Come from?


The Easter Bunny: first appears in German traditions as early as 1682.  The Easter Bunny had similarities to Santa Clause, bringing colored eggs and candy to good children at Eastertide.


In Medieval Church Art: The rabbit is sometimes associated with the Virgin Mary.  It was believed that rabbits, like the Virgin Mary, could give virgin birth.

 Note the tiny rabbit in Mary’s pocket in the image to the right. 

Rabbits are often seen in art as a a symbol of fertility, since they give birth to large litters.


Did you know that female rabbits can conceive while still pregnant?  The egg is also seen as fertility symbol, so it is easy to see why the two were linked together.  In addition springtime is a time of new births.   

Eggs were often a custom to give up for lint. In the past the only way to preserve them was to boil them. They were served on Easter and decorated as part of the celebration. Often the eggs were dyed red- for the blood of Christ or dyed green in honor of springtime.






Now on Kindle- New Short Story

Now on Kindle- New Short Story

As the Crow Flies”As the Crow Flies” by Nancy B. Brewer 

Some called her the Moss Creek Witch and others called her the Moss Creek Medicine Woman.

Pa warned Roy about going down to that shack where the girl lived. Ma said it was just old mountain superstitions. But what happened to Roy?

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My book “The Two Faces of Nina Grey” is often overlooked.  It is a beautiful historical fiction novel about a young woman during the Civil War.  Like “The House With the Red Light” I wrote songs for the book, based on the events and people in the book.  

I will forever be grateful for all that helped me on this project, Brandon Lee Adams, Tim Crouch, Charley Sandage, Carolyn Munn, and her daughters Kelly and Callista, and last but not least my friend Clete Trexler. 

This is one of the songs from the CD and it is performed by Carolyn Munn.  It reminds us that many have suffered throughout history for our freedom. Don’t take your freedom lightly for some gave their all.

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“Isabella” book in progress-you can help me write it!

“Isabella” book in progress-you can help me write it!

“Isabella” is our book in progress.  I started the introduction and then my Facebook friends are writing a line or two, then I am crafting their ideas into the story.  It is fun and no one knows the direction the story will go.  If you are one of the writers your name will be listed in the book.

Heres how to take part:

First read the story.  You will find the continuing story on this site in my menu: “Isabella” 

Second:  Go to my Facebook Wall @NancyBBrewer and look for my post  “Isabella the New story”  The post will contain the most recent installment of the story.

Third:  Read all the comments posted and then add your comments.

Four:  Come back here @Isabella or follow on Facebook Nancy B. Brewer to keep the story going.

Post as often as you like.  When I have enough comments on a post to write the next installment you will see my comments- Stop posting.  Then soon you will see a new post: Isabella the New Story” 

It is easy, once you get the hang of it.  You are welcome to save the story or print this post.

I will try to use as many of your comments and ideas as possible. Please understand that some comments just will not flow with the story.  Just post again, I need your help!