A Christmas Cabin-by Nancy B. Brewer

A Christmas Cabin-by Nancy B. Brewer

           Christmas is a special time of year, but at River Street Orphanage it was almost like any other dreary day.  The small Christmas tree and shabby decorations were only there for the benefit of the social worker. 

            Tom was fifteen and he and his sister Dottie lived at the orphanage.  

He was no stranger to hard work and sacrifice.  He would be willing to sacrifice all to protect his little sister from the director—the despicable Mrs. Coldwater.  

            Christmas some times brings out the worse in people who prefer to reflect on their sorrows and the things they do not own. 

            Yet for those with good and kind hearts the magic of Christmas will always find them.   This is such a story.                                                                                Get the ebook now to your email:  for only 99 cents.  Click below to purchase:  


Thank you Roxanne Kesler Fox

Thank you Roxanne Kesler Fox

Nancy Basinger Brewer, I was reading your book today!! Two Faces of Nina Grey. I love it!! My parents lived in Sharpsburg and owned the General Store from 1976 to 2003 ish. So I am able to picture the setting and scenery in my mind’s eye ♥️ Also my godmother was a descendant in the Mudd family. She lived in DC where I was born. I really appreciate your talents.



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A young man walked up, set a stool down, then another man handed him a guitar and a flute-like instrument.
He gently laid the flute down, sat on the stool with the guitar, and then sheepishly looked out toward the audience. “I would like to apologize to you good people for the misfortune of being invited to this event. Most of you had no idea that you would have to endure my singing and playing. For your sake I should have declined the engagement, but for my sake I accepted, because they are paying me.”

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