Would you read the book?

As you know, I write most of my books in a woman’s voice, but I have a desire to write in a male voice (Maybe I am longing to be a trans-writer. Ha ha). Over the past year I have begun a number of books, but have not applied myself to complete them. I like to write stories that are entertaining, but that also share with my readers: history, wonders outside of their reach, and a little insight into the lives of others and maybe their own. 

This mission keeps me searching for the makings of not just a good book but a great book. This man’s life may be a candidate for my next book:

Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, ( b.January 26, 1852-d. September 14, 1905). Itlalian-born French explorer, who lived a life of purpose and adventure and life-long humanitarian against slavery and the abuse of African workers. 

Pierre sailed anti-slave ships to the Congo and armed only by his striking good looks and charm where he was able to convince the Kings of the Congo to place their kingdoms under the protection of the French flag. He claimed many parts of Africa for France. This gave him world-wide acclaim as “The peaceful Conqueror.” In 1888 he became a Freemason on June 26. He was married to Therese de Chambrun (a woman with a story of her own). His last tour of the Congo took a toll on him and he died (age 53) of dysentery and fever … or was he poisoned ?