“Isabella” is our book in progress.  I started the introduction and then my Facebook friends are writing a line or two, then I am crafting their ideas into the story.  It is fun and no one knows the direction the story will go.  If you are one of the writers your name will be listed in the book.

Heres how to take part:

First read the story.  You will find the continuing story on this site in my menu: “Isabella” 

Second:  Go to my Facebook Wall @NancyBBrewer and look for my post  “Isabella the New story”  The post will contain the most recent installment of the story.

Third:  Read all the comments posted and then add your comments.

Four:  Come back here @Isabella or follow on Facebook Nancy B. Brewer to keep the story going.

Post as often as you like.  When I have enough comments on a post to write the next installment you will see my comments- Stop posting.  Then soon you will see a new post: Isabella the New Story” 

It is easy, once you get the hang of it.  You are welcome to save the story or print this post.

I will try to use as many of your comments and ideas as possible. Please understand that some comments just will not flow with the story.  Just post again, I need your help!