The Two Faces of Nina Grey (book/Cd) $30.00



Set includes the book Two Faces of Nina Grey and the Cd of original songs written of the book.  Enjoy a sample of the CD.  This song is written by Nancy B. Brewer, instrumental Time Crouch and vocals Charley Sanders.

Most of the songs from The Collect of Songs from The Two Faces of Nina Grey were written by Nancy B. Brewer.  They are performed by an amazing group of talented musicians.   This Cd is in the style of Civil Era music and the songs are featured in the book The Two Faces of Nina Grey.  It will surely put you in the mood of the book. Enjoy the set or the book and Cd can be purchased separately.img_7881-2 img_7950-2


Martrex Studio, Midland, NC. Busy working on completing my new CD/Book project: The Two Faces of Nina Grey

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Featured musicians: Charley Sanders, Tim Crouch, Brandon Lee Adams, Clete Treadler, Carolyn, Callista and Kelly Munn.




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