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Letters from Lizzie is the 4th book in the Carolina Rain Series.

Come home to North Carolina and revisit old friends as the pages of history unfold. You shall travel with Lizzie across the sea to witness the end of the Victorian Era. Intertwined in a mix of facts and fiction, the author masterfully creates exciting plots and introduces new intriguing characters.
In 1896, the War Between the States was over. Those too young did not care to hear about it and the old folks tried to forget. Perhaps, humans will never learn that it is through the past that we shall clearly see the future.
The world was getting smaller. People were sending international telegrams and talking on the telephone. Traveling was the new sport; one could ride in a motorcar, take a fast train or board a steamship to new places. Yes, it was the dawning of a new age with inventions to make life easier. Or did it?
With modern times on the horizon, the past moralities were old-fashioned. There was a new way of talking and dressing and women united to find their rightful place in the world.
Oh, but there were those that clung to the old ways. They made a living off the land six days a week and lived for the Lord on Sundays. They were holding tight to the days when men were brave and women were gentle.

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