Carolina Rain- first in series $23.50



Open the pages of Carolina Rain and step on to the streets of an era gone by.

Carolina Rain is not just a read, but an experience.  You will smell the magnolia trees, feel the sun on your face and taste the bittersweet tears of a beautiful young girl coming of age at the dawning of the Civil War.  Theodosia Elizabeth Sanders, “Lizzie” was born October 6, 1842, but in many ways, she is no different than a modern young woman of our era.  Her open heart is filled with hope and a desire for love.  Yet, her innocence makes her a target for the less than trustworthy.  See how this remarkable young woman rises above all prejudices to embrace the hearts of her true friends.

Carolina Rain a fiction novel base on history is a real page-turner, filled with the intimate details and an eyewitness accounts of The War Between The States. You will laugh and cry with “Lizzie” but most importantly you are sure to find a little of Lizzie in yourself.

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