A Doll Named Fannie $12.00



The great potato famine leaves many Irish families in desperate need. When Molly’s mother dies, her father decides to go to America. After a long ride on a big boat, Molly and her doll find themselves in New York City.

The city is a big scary place for the two. Poor Molly is to face many trails, but her dear Fannie is with her all the way. Holding onto each other they ride the Orphan train. At last, they find a home in the town of Salisbury, North Carolina.

Molly and Fannie are life-long friends. “A Doll Named Fannie,” is not just a story for children, but for anyone who has ever loved a doll. Its message is to remind us to: respect the past, trust in the future and believe in the power of the imagination.  50 pages


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