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Lizzie After the War is the third book in the Carolina Rain Series

Theodosia Elizabeth Sanders, “Lizzie.” was born in 1842 with the promise of a good life. She grew up on her father’s plantation, Sandy
Ridge. Her blissful days were spent strolling the sandy shores and her evenings sitting on the front porch listening to the “Carolina Rain.”
Her sweet Southern dream came to a great halt, when the war began. When all was lost, she was forced to leave Charleston to start a new life “Beyond Sandy Ridge.”
North Carolina became her home. The last years of the war were a nightmare but there was a flicker of hope in the eyes of a man named Joel. He would be her world, together they would rebuild a life out of the ruins of their Southland.
“Lizzie,” is the story of her life after The War Between the States. Relive her journey from plantation princess to the cotton mills of Concord, North Carolina. In her voice you will hear unfold the years of reconstruction, women’s suffrage, child labor and the beginning of the industrial age.
Lizzie is to find life’s greatest treasures are the people you love and the people that love you. She is graced with the wisdom to accept change and adapt. She is a wounded woman, but understands there is healing in new beginnings. Lastly, her heart tells her to believe in the future and expect the unexpected

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