Here’s How to Write a Book $18.00



In order for a dream to come true you must first dream it!

Here’s How to Write a BOOK

Nancy B. Brewer

For hundreds of years people have cherished books. They read their favorites over and over and even pass them down to their children. Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without books?

Authors come from all walks of life with various levels of education, but one thing they all have in common is the courage to put down into words their dreams and passions. Some are born with a poet’s soul, but even they need encouragement to cultivate their talents into mastery.

When I first started writing I could not find an honest mentor. When I asked other authors questions about writing, publishing or marketing, they gave me vague answers. I soon learned that was not due to snobbishness, but the fact that they did not have the answers themselves.

I knew the answers were out there and I aimed to find them. I have since successfully published more than 20 novels, as well as children’s books, poetry and songs.

My secrets I now share with you—the next best-selling author.

                                                                             Nancy B. Brewer,Author, Artist and Songwriter

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