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The Two Faces of Nina Grey- by Nancy B. Brewer

It would appear that a beautiful young girl would not be much of a threat to anyone, except to the heart’s of foolish young men. Who would have guessed that hidden in her purse was a pistol and tucked in her corset were secret messages that were a manner of life and death.

Nina Grey had known her share of troubles, being orphaned as a young girl, but her life had been reasonably dull. When the War Between the States broke out she never considered that the South’s rebellion would be her troubles. The state of Maryland, was as neutral as rain, or so she thought. However, when her brother joined the Confederate Army, the reality of a country divided and the war fell upon her doorstep.

Driven by her passion to help her brother, her innocents and charms made her the perfect candidate for the job. Sought out by the likes of John Wilkes Booth, Rose O’Neil Greenhow, and John Surratt, her uncle cautioned her that spying was not just a fashionable pastime, but dangerous work. Once she said, “yes” there would be no way out unless God forbid—she was caught…

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