A Coastal Ghost $18.00



A Coastal Ghost
Nancy B. Brewer

Debbie Zimmerman was newly divorced when she inherited her Aunt Celia’s Victorian house in the coastal town of Southport, North Carolina.
She had fond memories of vacationing there when she was a child, so she decided to pay it one last visit, before she would be forced to put it up for sale.
When school was out, she took a leave from work, and she and her seven-year-old son Eddie traveled from Tennessee to Southport to spend the summer.
Strangely enough that old house and its creaky floors soon seemed like home. Debbie found the peaceful afternoons sitting on the porch watching the ships pass was just what her soul needed. There was not much there to offer a single woman, especially a woman with a PhD. But, it was a good place to raise a child, her son was happy there, and at last she made the decision to forsake everything and start a new life in Southport. Soon she discovers that both the town and that old house have a few surprises in store for her.


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