Beyond Sandy Ridge $23.50



Beyond Sandy Ridge (second book in Carolina Rain series)

 I am frozen watching his figure from the back, as if he is part of a painting.  Am I lost in a memory or a vision of something yet to be…

As The War Between the States closes in, Lizzie flees her home leaving behind her hopes and dream.  She finds a new home, where finery and social graces will buy nothing, not even friends.  To the people of Stanly County, North Carolina, Lizzie is a familiar story.  She is just another young widow with a babe in her arms.  Her secret past will forever be buried deep in the sandy soil of Charleston.  “Beyond Sandy Ridge,” is one woman’s journey of survival, a collection of her most intimate desires and her passion for a man named Joel.  Many of those she loved are forever silent.  It was for their sake, she found the courage to tell her story.

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