A Beautiful Prison $23.50



A Beautiful Prison

Growing up in the Hamptons with a father worth millions would be considered a dream for most young girls coming of age in 1923.  However, for Evelyn Josephine Ferguson (Eva Jo) the seamless parties and the high life were more inconvenience than enjoyment.  Being privy to gangster activity and bootlegging was as common as frequent visits from politicians and starlets.

After Eva Jo’s mother died, her father faced the task of introducing his shy daughter into the modern world of uninhibited attitudes, bobbed hair, short skirts and rolled stockings.  When her father acted upon the advice of his lady friend—Eva Jo and her governess soon found themselves unchaperoned aboard the SS Royal Napoleon.

On this floating palace, she discovers money, music and booze flow as freely as the lives people live.  Some are pretenders, some are seekers, and for most a dance partner is a one-night lover.  Travel with Eva Jo on the SS Royal Napoleon—a voyage of exotic ports, adventure, danger, romance, and fulfilling destiny.

“She is one of the chosen ones.  Even though we had never met, I recognized her soul and she mine.”

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