Nancy B. Brewer, Best-Selling Author, Songwriter and Artist

Nancy B. Brewer combines her love for history with her passion for creating heartfelt stories and characters. Readers are captivated from page one by Brewer’s soft southern style and poetic quotes and lines.  She is available for book signings and presentations, and her books are available on Amazon/Kindle.



A Peasant Queen- new release by Nancy Brewer is a medieval novel with a very interesting modern twist.  Readers will have the chilling reality that history repeats itself as events unfold.  The thriller is packed with historical facts and details, all with a surprise ending that is sure to bring a tear to your eye.  After all—we all like happy endings—even if they are stained by blood.

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She is a master at creating intriguing characters and thrilling plots.

Voted South Carolina’s Favorite Author


Enjoy Nancy’s Beach Read Series:

Murder at Myrtle Beach and A Coastal Ghost





Author of the best-selling historical series “Carolina Rain"

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Murder at Myrtle Beach

Pre-order your signed copies of Nancy’s new release coming soon. A fun romantic mystery with a hint of murder. See the events unfold in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Click on cover to order now. Great Christmas gifts! This is a limited edition:...

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Would you read the book? As you know, I write most of my books in a woman’s voice, but I have a desire to write in a male voice (Maybe I am longing to be a trans-writer. Ha ha). Over the past year I have begun a number of books, but have not applied myself to complete...

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A Christmas Cabin-by Nancy B. Brewer

           Christmas is a special time of year, but at River Street Orphanage it was almost like any other dreary day.  The small Christmas tree and shabby decorations were only there for the benefit of the social worker. ...

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