Carolina Rain Audio Read by Nancy B. Brewer on USB Flash Drive



Nancy B. Brewer presents Carolina Rain as only she can.  This is not just a reading—it is a performance as Nancy B. Brewer reenacts “Lizzie” filled with the emotions of a true Southern Belle from Charleston, SC from her award wining best-selling novel – Carolina Rain 

Click below to sample the Carolina Rain audio:

Over 15 hours of audio on USB Flash Drive.  Insert the device into your computer flash drive and it will download to your computer and save on you cloud.  You can listen to it on your phone or iPad once it has saved to your iTune.  If you have the USB drive in your car- you can also listen in you car. Just flip the button down to extend the connector. This Flash Drive is as thin as a credit card.

What would Lizzie think of this?  15 hours of her telling her story all in someone’s wallet.  Isn’t technology grand these days!

This audio comes with a special bonus audio performance by Nancy B. Brewer  A Doll Named Fannie.  A book for children of all ages.

click to listen to a sample of  A Doll Named Fannie audio:


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