John Milton Odell: Jan. 20, 1831- July, 21, 1910

John Milton Odell: Jan. 20, 1831- July, 21, 1910

History: After the Civil War Captain John Milton Odell built this mansion which stands on the corner of Buffalo and Union Street in Concord, NC. Odell was known as the “Master Mill Man” and owned and operated several cotton mills after the Civil War. He was remembered as a good businessman, a gentleman and a kind employer. He is one of the historical people who come to life in my book, “Lizzie After the War.”

For the last several years the present owners of the Odell house have turned the home into a haunted house that even Hollywood could not rival. The theatrical wonderland includes to name a few: witches, ghost, headless figures, caskets, animated figures, and ghostly images dancing in the windows. I counted at least five life-size skeleton horses, pulling carriages hosting their like families. I can’t help but wonder what Captain Odell would think? I hope he was a fan of Halloween.


If you plan to visit, please take note of the large rock that sits inside the fence closest to Buffalo Street. History has it—that Captain Odell hid behind this rock during heavy gun fire during the Civil War. Since he believed the rock had saved his life he had it moved and placed in his front yard.

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