Latest Creations

Painting Rocks in Myrtle Beach, SC- such a fun hobby

Since moving to Myrtle Beach I have been painting rocks and hiding them for others to find.  The Facebook page and idea was created by a clever young woman named Amber Forrester.   The only thing I can take credit for is painting, hiding and hunting rocks. On yes and...

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Hope grows!

Suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope. And through troubled seas our faith grows. Hold on! God with throw you an anchor! If you like to purchase this little anchor- it is available on our link:   Southern Shells...

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Where did the Easter Bunny Come from?

  The Easter Bunny: first appears in German traditions as early as 1682.  The Easter Bunny had similarities to Santa Clause, bringing colored eggs and candy to good children at Eastertide.   In Medieval Church Art: The rabbit is sometimes associated with the...

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Sea Turtles are ancient creatures

Sea Turtles are ancient creatures, and have been on the earth for over 100 million years. Please wear our necklaces and earrings set as a reminder to all humans, that we must protect the creatures of this earth. Our sea turtles are threatened today by fishing nets,...

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