Latest Creations

New item: Mermaid Soaps-gift wrapped

Be a mermaid!  My healing soaps have a soft scent of the ocean and a lovely sea foam color.  They are gift wrapped with a hand decorated natural sea shell- collected from North Myrtle Beach, SC. Click here to on photo to order from this...

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Love needs no permission

“The good thing about love is that you don’t have to anyone’s permission to love whomever you please. Even if your friends and family stop loving you. You don’t have to stop loving them. You can still go on loving them just as long as you like. So if you are mad...

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A poem about true love~ Nancy B. Brewer

Love Me, Love Me Not What a joy it is to be with you my dear friend. You are my champion and with you, I never fear. You above all, are brave, humble and true. How could anyone shun a gentle soul such as you? I say nay to them, it is a crime all the world should see....

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A little love story about little people

John Mertz stood only 46 inches tall and he came to America from Austria-Hungary and went to work for Barnum Circus.  It is there he first met a tiny Southern bell from Mocksville, North Carolina— Miss Mariah Elizabeth Nail, who stood 36 inches. On August 16th,1883 as...

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My love of the sea, mermaids and clay- becomes my art.

When I was introduced to air/dry clay it was a match made at the sea.  I am now creating fanciful figurines and jewelry combining my love of vintage and shells.  Please click on the menu to view the pieces under Jewelry and Art. This little mermaid is resting in a...

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