The House with the Red Light

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In 1957, the world knew about Elvis but in a mill village in North Carolina, they knew about 16-year-old Tanya.

When her mother ran off, her jilted father turned bitter.  He claimed his inability to hold down a job was due to an old war injury, but the truth was in the stack of empty whiskey bottles on the porch.  Times were hard but Bud Harris found an easy way to make a few extra dollars.

Every day led Tanya closer to the road of no return.  On her journey to Nashville she finds herself lost in a world of big tent revivals, rattlesnakes and bluegrass music.

She discovered that all the world is a stage and that a front row seat in church does not guarantee you a seat in Heaven. Will she find her redemption in the arms of a handsome stranger or in the strings of that old mandolin?

  The House with the Red Light and companion CD with songs composed by Nancy B. Brewer and award-winning bluegrass artist Rhonda Vincent.

The House with the Red Light   Set: Book & Rhonda Vincent CD

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*House with the Red Light (Amazon/Sidney C.White) A literary/musical treasure. My devotion to Rhonda Vincent’s musical artistry caused “The House with the Red Light” CD and book to find their way into my mailbox. I had not read any of Nancy B. Brewer’s books, but reasoned that if she were Ms. Vincent’s collaborator, she must be good. I intended to read the book in one sitting, but family events kept interrupting, and I found myself wondering frequently, “What’s going to happen to Tammy Sue next?” Since Michael Crichton died, I have not been that involved in a storyline. Well, this morning at 1:30 I awoke, picked up Ms. Brewer’s book and could not put it down until I read the last word around 4:45. Of course I won’t give away how it ended, but I will be watching for further fruit from Ms. Brewer’s writing room.